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No cabbage at the post show lunch

By Julian Phillips - Euro Weekly News Published: 31 Mar 2024

When The Indalo Players got together for their post-show lunch to celebrate the success of Vernon Coleman’s comedy “Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War,” there was a notable absence of cabbage on the menu. Even though unforeseen circumstances led to the cancellation of their planned theatre dates in Arboleas, Director Janet Franklin swiftly made the decision to incorporate a matinee performance following the two evening shows in Los Gallardos.

The response from the audience has been overwhelming, with comments pouring in. Thanks to their support, the group managed to raise an impressive €3311, far exceeding their initial expectations. The Indalo Committee has pledged to donate the proceeds to local charities, and the additional nightly PAWS-PATAS raffles contributed an additional €615, thanks to the generosity of those in attendance.

The success of the production is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and loyalty of The Indalo Players, both on stage and behind the scenes. The unsung heroes who construct sets, handle props, and manage lights and sound play a vital role in bringing the production to life.

Looking ahead, there is potential for further adaptations of Coleman’s work, as there are three more “Mrs Caldicot” books awaiting exploration. Janet Franklin will be in communication with the author to explore the possibility of bringing these stories to the stage. Coleman’s stories, known for their blend of social commentary, humour, and hope, have the potential to resonate deeply with audiences.

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Richard from Spectrum FM Radio has got his theatre tickets…
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Now he’s off to buy some cabbage…
He’s not having mine!

Final Call for English Theatre

by John Smith - Euro Weekly News Published 23 February 2024

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes an army of willing thespians to create, direct, stage and perform a first class production for their Community Theatre.

Hours, weeks and months of rehearsals, set building, costumes, props, venue sourcing and organising publicity takes place to this end and every member is a volunteer giving freely of their time, effort and skills, with the sole aim of entertaining you with a first rate production whilst raising funds for charity.

Janet Franklin who has lived in Bedar for 31 years is a sprightly and extremely active 80 year old who wanted to be a professional actress. However, love, marriage and a family came along so she has spent decades being involved with amateur dramatics.

As a Director, her diligent conscientiousness, earnest application plus laser-like precision is tireless and meticulous. “This is a world premiere and I am thrilled and delighted to have an amazing cast” explained Janet “and I think I have found Almeria’s answer to Pauline Collins who starred in the film”.

The story of Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War deals with quite a poignant ageing scenario but it allows you to sit back, relax, be entertained and laugh!

Where to see it - The play will be presented at the Teatro Municipal Bedar on March 8 and 9, Teatro Museo Arboleas on March 15 and 16 and El Espacio Cultural Los Gallardos on March 22 and 23 by the Indalo Players.

Tickets cost €10 at each venue and to make your booking call 629 252 292 or 670 722 705.

Indalo Players Next Serving

By John Smith Euro Weekly News published 09/02/24

The story behind the play

Thelma has endured 30 years of marriage to a domineering, obnoxious and insensitive husband.

Due to unexpected circumstances, Thelma is coerced by her shifty, manipulative and avaricious son Derek and his equally greedy wife Veronica to move into a run-down residential nursing home.

The play, Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War is a poignant, warm and funny production about an ordinary but downtrodden housewife, Thelma Caldicot

The Twilight Years Rest Home is run with a strict regime and although the residents are not overly mistreated, the elderly inmates are not exactly handled with due reverence either.

Manager and Matron medicate and patronise their ‘guests’ into glazed submission and to save money serve them cabbage with every meal.

It doesn’t take Thelma long to realise how awful everything is at the nursing home and her apathy soon turns to anger and then action as the medication is discarded and Thelma discovers her mettle.

She and her aged cohorts stage a rebellion but the result is something nobody envisaged!

A genuinely heartfelt human comedy with a subtle social thought-provoking message, highlighting the skewering of society’s treatment of the elderly population.

This escape fantasy is undemanding, entertaining and will bring tears and cheers from the audience.

Three different venues

The play will be presented at the Teatro Municipal Bedar on March 8 and 9

Teatro Museo Arboleas on March 15 and 16 and El Espacio Cultural Los Gallardos on March 22 and 23.

Tickets cost €10 at each venue and to make your booking call 629 252 292 or 670 722 705.

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