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Not so aged widow Thelma Caldicot is coerced into a rest home by her manipulative son and daughter-in-law after the death of her bullying husband.

Apathy turns to Anger and then Action as the medication is discarded and Thelma discovers her mettle. She and her aged cohorts stage a rebellion but the result is something nobody envisaged!

We get to meet Mrs Caldicot.... before her Cabbage War…will you?
Purchase your tickets now... otherwise... we might just come knocking on your door!

“Mr Muller-Hawksmoor…I’m wearing something verrrrrry special for you” “OOOOOH! Matron…but have you got your ticket for Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War?” “Yes…I bought mine online…gives us more time to check the attic whilst our residents have their all day siesta”.

“Hello…we live in The Twilight Years Rest Home. We hope Mrs Caldicot has come to empty the commode! Come and find out what she really does!!”

“Is that cabbage I can smell Livingstone?” Yes Hewitt…that should get Mrs Caldicot on the war path! Let’s go see her in action”.

Mrs Caldicot’s son Derek and his wife Veronica. Such generous folk and they are so happy to share the news about the Indalo Player’s forthcoming production MRS CALDICOT’S CABBAGE WAR. They are so caring and thoughtful…also greedy, offensive, irritating, insincere, deceitful, selfish, objectionable, patronising, narcissistic…I could go on.
Best you see them in action!

Well... if you suffer dreadfully because you didn't get your ticket to see Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War...Doris from number 13 has all the medication you might need!!!

Henry Caldicot. Wine connoisseur, keen cricket fan, active golfer, award winning chrysanthemum member.

Also…obnoxious, domineering and insensitive husband!!
Will Thelma feed him overcooked cabbage?

Jenkins…a newspaper magnate who carries champagne in his briefcase! Loves Paris and Mrs Caldicot’s outfit.
He will be lurking in the audience…will you?

Tick, Tock, Slice and Chop…Cabbage about to be served…
And I’ve got a lot!!

“Well it’s here folks…the first night! I have wanted to direct this play ever since I saw the film starring Pauline Collins and John Alderton. I am blessed with an amazing, hardworking and dedicated cast. I hope you enjoy this fun, family comedy and leave the theatre with a warm heart and an aching face from laughing too much!”
Tickets available online or on the door at the theatre

Eating carrots can help you see in the that there is a Matinee Performance…you can get your portion of cabbage!

“Some old bat is waffling about a “curious cabbage crusade” on my TV show. If you want to get into the studio, you will need a ticket to see the play. I will be signing autographs!”

OUR UNSUNG CABBAGE HEROES!!! Just some of the Backstage Boys…set building, painting, drilling, carrying, hammering, taping, and ensuring the kettle is nearby! Thank you Rene, Simon, Brian, Keith and Liam. And also…3 of them acting alongside Mrs Caldicot!

More Cabbage Patch Backstage Boys.
Writing, Producing, Stage Management, Lighting and Sound. There’s “no action” unless all in place.
Thank you Bill, Tony, John and Tony.
And…one of them is on stage with Mrs Caldicot!

TV Crew for Mike Trickle...and Backstage Crew for Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War.
Special “thank you” to Clapper Board Mandy for being Top Prop Mistress behind the curtains!

What’s a plot without an Estate Agent, A Hotel Manager or a Journalist? Looks like they are wondering as well!!!
Come and find out and see the last performances of
Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War.

Our wonderful FOH gals Jan and Jenni with lucky cabbage winner Edwina

By: Chrissie Cremore

Janet and Jim Franklin, originally from Maidenhead in Berkshire decided they wanted to move to Spain 34 years ago and explored Mojácar. They wanted to find a “real” part of Spain and when they searched a little further and found Bedar village nestling in the foothills of the Sierra de Los Filabres, they knew they had found their final resting place. It was an instant love affair and plans were swiftly put together to build their house...Los Bancales and they finally settled in 1993.

After leaving school at 16, Janet’s heart was set on becoming an actress and whilst earning wages in administrative office work she spent all her free time attending local drama groups which included the renowned training ground of Questors and Ealing and Fulham Repertory Company, with both offering the opportunity to learn all aspects of the theatre world. Whilst working in the lighting gallery in The Maidenhead Theatre Group, Janet met her future husband Jim Franklin who was working as a BBC television editor and was advising the group about sound techniques. Four years later, Janet at the tender age of 22 married Jim, 30 who had now become a BBC TV Director which culminated in him winning a BAFTA award, presented by Princess Anne for his work on Ripping Yarns. Jim was also heavily involved with the long running series The Goodies and The Frost Report. Janet continued her passion for acting, appearing in diverse productions such as She Stoops To Conquer, A Street Car Named Desire, portraying Blanche and Mary Queen of Scots in Vivat Regina. Janet idolised actresses such as Rita Tushingham and Sarah Miles and although Jim encouraged Janet to continue her love of acting and the theatre, he discouraged her from taking the professional route as it was widely known that relationships rarely survived within this entertainment field.

Once settled in Spain, Janet had 2 objectives; to continue her “passion” for theatre and a “mission” to help save and home the many cats and dogs abandoned in the local area. Her “passion” was soon satisfied when she met a local man Paul Woolliscroft who was performing small theatrical pieces in the bars of Mojácar and they decided to form a local drama group and 25 years ago Indalo Players was born. Janet took on the major task of directing Oh What A Lovely War which toured through many bars in Mojácar, receiving critical acclaim from the locals. Her “mission” was also fulfilled when she met a Dutch actress Belinda Meuldijk who was visiting her holiday home and also wanted to help save the local stray cats and dogs and she orchestrated and acted in a film about their plight which raised €60,000, allowing them to build the first batch of kennels in a secure animal shelter. PAWS-PATAS is a registered charity and is now in its 34th year, having rescued and homed hundreds of animals throughout Spain and Europe.

Although Janet prefers acting and again has appeared in a huge selection of local productions, including Quartet, Lettice and Lovage, Love Amongst The Lentils and Lady in the Van, she also has great vision, determination and energy for directing diverse productions such as Hi-de-Hi and Mousetrap. Therefore, with the 25th anniversary of Indalo Players arriving in 2024, Janet wants to direct Vernon Coleman’s comedy Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War. After seeing this charming 2003 film, quite by chance on television, starring Pauline Collins and John Alderton, Janet contacted the author’s agent asking for permission to perform the play. The writer wrote back advising that the play had never been performed on stage anywhere in the world and that he would be happy to waive the royalty fee. Janet felt that the play didn’t have quite enough “body”, so with the help of local writer Bill White he has incorporated some of the films dialogue which has enhanced the stage version immensely.

Janet, who is now a sprightly and extremely active 80 year old is thrilled to work on this production, especially as there are 2 people in the cast who she worked with 25 years ago, Jane Read and Jose Cano. Although Janet prefers acting to directing, once her Taurean mind is set in stone, her diligent, conscientiousness, earnest application plus laser-like precision is tireless and meticulous in what she wants to deliver to the audience. Janet says “it’s not a cast of thousands but there are 22 integral characters and I also know that I have found Almeria’s answer to Pauline Collins! This is a World Premiere and I am thrilled and delighted to produce and direct this fun, family comedy. The story deals with quite a poignant ageing scenario but it’s a play that allows you to just sit back, relax, be entertained and laugh!”

Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War will be performed in 3 theatres in Bedar, Arboleas and Los Gallardos during March 2024. Details of dates and where to purchase tickets will be advertised during February 2024. Amateur Dramatics is about the love of theatre and participants are called “amateurs” simply because they don’t get paid...not because they are unable to perform a first class production to entertain. And here comes a First Class Premiere to celebrate the long-standing Indalo Players Theatre Group!


Summer is truly with us and there is much to share with you.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest cast are still working hard with limited rehearsals during the summer months.

Our friend Gary Elliot who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes on many of our productions as a technician will no longer be with us due to the health needs of his wife. However, he is still committed to helping with Cuckoo's Nest come October. Gary has been a highly valued member and more than generous with his time and expertise and we thank him for all he has done for us. We also wish his wife Sally and himself all our very best, our thoughts are with them.

So, with that in mind we need to build a strong technical team. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in building and other backstage work let us know.

Janet Franklin is holding auditions for 'Mrs Caldwell's Cabbage Wars' August 31 and September 7th. Janet has the script read and is probably the most organised person I have met. There will be more information available closer to the dates. She is looking to have it performed sometime in March as an anniversary celebration of the Indalo Players.

The committee secretary Iris Hamilton has recently resigned as our secretary. We thank her for her hard work this past year. So, we are looking for a willing person to take her place. If interested please let me know.

Lastly, we are an ever expanding company and welcome our members.

Stay well and enjoy your summer,

Sincerely ,

Jennifer Jordan



I am happy to announce we now have the use of the downstairs room in the Multi Use building in Mojacar on Thursday afternoons. We will be allowed to use it from 2 pm till 4 but can stay on till 5pm. The room is next to the 3 Edad cafe around the back of the building. It is on the yellow 1 bus line with a stop just outside , and there is plenty of parking. Also, the cafe is open till 8 pm.

I propose we start using it next Thursday May 4.

We can gather and begin to try out ideas , scripts and some improvisational games. Please email me with ideas and wishes and I will set a program for our first day. If anyone would like to run a workshop on the first day, or knows of anyone who would like to at anytime please let me know. Most of the session will work best with a group leader.

Also, if you know anyone who I may have missed sending this out to please forward it on to them.

This is a great opportunity to get together and PLAY. Let's have some fun!!

All My Very Best

and Thank you

Jennifer Jordan


March 2, 2023

Dear Members

Spring is here and the cast for ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest’ will be announced Saturday March 4th, rehearsals will be every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, Saturday the 4th being the first. Otfried is our director, Heidi the assistant director, and Sally production manager.If you wish to get involved there is still time! No part too small, and a crew is needed!

Please contact Heidi for acting on :

Sally for crew on:

I have no doubt it will be a great success and I wish everyone involved the very best. There will be updates on Facebook and our new website.

If you haven’t visited the website yet, then please visit us at I encourage you all to do so. Lyd did a fantastic job and she will continue to monitor and upload information to the site. We thank Lyd for all her amazing work. If you have any past Indalo videos or posters, please pass it on to Lyd and she will post it on the website. Email Lyd on:

Chrissy Cremore, our Vice President, has been working to promote the Lions and is doing a smashing job. As a result Indalo Players have been one of the first associations to donate funds for the much needed €18,000 renovation of the St Agustin Children’s Home in Vera. Also, the Lions have secured the Vera auditorium for a Variety Show sometime in November. The plans are yet to be made as to how we will run the event, so stay tuned for more information. Thank you Lions!

I am starting a series of “get-togethers” in various locations over the next few months, these get togethers will be opportunities to read plays, choose our next production, movement and improvisation workshops, singing and much more. This will be a chance to try new things, improve our acting skills and basically have fun playing together. The first of these “get-togethers” will be in my home in Vera. The theme is ‘reading plays’. Date is Friday April 7th at 11 am. So bring a play you would love to read, one act plays possibly best. We can discuss them and the possibility of which one(s) could be part of the November Variety performance, or something greater. Please email me at: if you plan to attend. Snacks and beverages will be available.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and desire to make Indalo Players a success.

Jennifer Jordan


Hello Friends

I trust everyone is well and enjoying the warm weather.

I need to reschedule our Script Reading Get Together from the 7th to the 14th of this month. I was informed that the 7th is Good Friday and that some people would not be available. I hope this is new date is good for all interested. It will be at my home in Vera.

Please email if you are interested in attending. You can email by using the form on the contact page or clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

As well, I was told that not everyone has scripts available to share. I to do not have scripts, so if you have any that you want to share please bring them along. I will be looking on line for some over the next week. Mostly this will be an opportunity to share ideas for future productions. Chrissy has something cooking up for us in November , more about that later, so let's get the ideas rolling.

I want to congratulate Bill White and the entire cast of Murder In The Panto. You have had a brilliant run and rave reviews. Well Done everyone. I understand Bill will be taking a well deserved rest. I wish you well Bill and please do stay in touch.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is in rehearsals and they are still looking for men to take part!! I have been cast as Billy and was at rehearsal for the first time Saturday since returning home from Belfast. The cast is very good and I have high expectations for its success. However, they are going to need technical support and a production manager, so if you are interested please contact Heidi. Her email is .

That is all for now.

Have a wonderful Easter !!

All My Very Best

Jennifer Jordan