Where there's a will - there's a way....and if it involves folk who love to tread the boards and entertain people then Amateur Dramatic lovers know no bounds to stop them!

Indalo Players came to fruition after 2 local expatriates from England, Janet Franklin and Paul Woolliscroft put together intimate reviews in local bar/restaurants in Mojacar during 1995-1998 and with the proceeds from these performances, a new theatre group was created in 1999. Being a veteran of the stage, Janet Franklin was extremely keen to direct the epic musical 'Oh What a Lovely War' with its wonderful series of song and dance vignettes. After advertising for people interested in theatre, be it acting, set building, lighting or costume design etc; Janet was inundated with responses and hence Indalo Players delivered their first major production to the public.

After this enormous success, the group were anxiously seeking more plays to stage and also took on the task of constructing a unique theatre in the basement of the Kimrick restaurant in Mojacar. However, with a host of shows over the following years, including Hi De Hi ,Oliver, Robinson Crusoe, The House of Barnardo Alba and many, many more, they were also seeking various other venues in neighbouring towns.

Indalo Players are also very proud of the fact that after production expenses, they have been able to donate proceeds to local charities.

During the past couple of years, yet another idea was created and long term member Bill White wrote a series of murder mysteries which could be performed in restaurants; whereby the audience could enjoy a meal whilst participating in a WHO DUNNIT?

Just recently, newly appointed president, Jennifer Jordan wanted to deliver another spontaneous and completely different event to the children's home in Vera. With her incredible knowledge and background, which includes being a professional clown doctor, the children were entertained with a special magical mime story which enraptured their imaginations.

Unless one has been involved in this hobby, then one has no idea how much time, energy and of course fun is put into ensuring a professional show goes public. The term Amateur Dramatics only means that those involved do not get paid.

To this date there are still many existing members who have remained involved since that very first show and after more than two decades, Indalo Players continue to encourage people to join them or just sit back and enjoy the entertainment. Our Facebook pages will also keep you updated on future workshops, script readings, auditions or social gatherings. Please contact us if you would like further details.

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